Orphan Village for young girls: Providing Quality Education

Orphan Village for young girls: Providing Quality Education

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has started construction work on the site of its new project in Khanewal, South Punjab.

The south of Pakistan unfortunately is amongst the most deprived areas of the region with many people living below the line of poverty. Parents are unable to send their children to school due to them working long hours shifts and earning less than a pound a day. The ratio of children leaving primary education before secondary and higher education is very high, with the number of girls being lower than that. Cultural barriers leave parents with no choice but to keep their daughters at home preventing them from gaining any education or qualifications.

Through its campaign for girl’s education, ‘Our Girls Our Future’, Minhaj Welfare Foundation has drawn out a plan to build an entire village of learning for orphan and needy girls. The project which includes a college will facilitate 500 girls in more than 15 classrooms, providing them with accommodation, prayer area, mosque and water and sanitation facilities.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be almost £500,000 with the project being divided into three different phases. Phase one of the work has begun with the initial ground and building work already commencing. MWF is hoping to launch this project by the end of the year 2018.

To support this project, please donate your Zakat, Sadqah, and charitable donations towards this unique Orphan Village project in Khanewal.